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The Old City Inn






Room #1 – Wheat

Single Suite

Room #2 – Barley

Single Suite

Room #3 – Vine

Premier Single Suite

Room #4 – Fig

Premier Single Suite

Room #5 – Pomegranate

Premier Family Suite

Room #6 – Olive

Premier Family Suite

Room #7 – Honey

Premier Suite

Why The Old city Inn is your perfect base for exploring the city?

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The city of Kabbalah and Mysticism

Throughout the next millennium, the study of Kabbalah was limited to a few select scholars of each generation. In the Middle Ages, many of these scholars made their way to Israel after the Spanish Expulsion of 1492, and of those, many came to Tzfat, which was believed to have a special connection to Kabbalah because of its proximity to the area where Rabbi Shimon had taught, as well as to Rabbi Shimon’s gravesite, on Mt. Meron.

Tzfat – The Mystical City

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Rashbi Grave in Meron

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, known as the Rashbi, was one of the great sages in the second century. Known for writing the holy book of Zohar, Jewish mysticism, and is buried in Meron alongside his son, Rabbi Elazar. The grave of both Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his son are a holy landmark that draws thousands of Jews from all over the world

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s tomb in the Galilee

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Tours and Attractions

We offer daily tours in the old city of Tzfat

Enjoy group and personal tours with our professional and knowledgeable tour guides who will explore to you the beauty of the magical city of Tzfat

Tzfat and the entire Galilee is full of attractions

While visiting Tzfat, we will help you enjoy your stay to the fullest. With dozens of attractions in and around Tzfat you can enjoy dozens of locations to visit and explore to make sure your benefit the most out of your experience

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“Great value, well situated and large comfortable bed !”

The cost was reasonable for a large room with a very comfortable, extra large bed. The breakfast at the nearby Rimmonim Hotel was a welcome added bonus.Great balcony & view.

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Famous Shabbat Meals

Every Shabbat we host Shabbat meals at our hotel. Enjoy the home made cooking, highest standard of Kosher certification and the most unique mystical experience of Shabbat in Tzfat. The Shabbat meals are lead by the world renowned Rabbi Alon Anava where he shares deep and inspiring words of Torah.