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Our History

Our story begins about 320 years ago when the Turks ruled the country. The Turks were directly responsible for the movement of traders between cities in the country and abroad and were the pioneers of the industry “rooms”.
Legend has it and the Safed Elders have confirmed that at one point the Old City Inn was owned and run by a righteous woman. The Old city Inn was referred to as the home and was an inn for wealthy businessmen. One day a couple came and asked for a blessing for children from this righteous woman and soon enough they were blessed with their first child, Word spread and the hotel soon became a source of blessing for many childless couples who were seeking a blessing of fertility.
During the 50s and 60s, when Safed was the hotbed for tourism and artists, the Inn was known as the “old house”, a lair for artists to meet. It then became the well know “Club “Milo”, a cultural center and a magnet for painters, sculptors, writers, musicians and actors, some of whom grew up in the holy city Safed.
Today, the Old City Inn has transformed into a beautiful hotel with a spiritual twist to complement the awesomeness of this holy city. The hotel is both a luxurious and spiritual getaway, where you can rest, recuperate and recharge as you look upon the Galilee mountains, and the holy city of Meron. We offer a host of Kabbala classes, tours, hiking and more. Looking forward to hosting you and your loved ones!!!